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We are a small locally based company out of Canandaigua New York. We have been servicing the Fingerlakes region since 2003. We are support oriented and we love working in technology and media. We started back in 2003 writing html code , server side scripting, php code , database development and even found ourselves working in C code. As social media developed, Finger Lakes Web and Media evolved its service offerings and decided on  wordpress as our main Website development platform. This made alot of sense because we saw most of our customers wanting a shared responsibility in the management of their content.

What makes us different from many other Web developers is that we make sure that you own the work that we do for you. Many companies will play ownership games with the site content and your domain which puts your business at risk. This could put your business in a very costly situation.  We give you password file and your whole Website content in a bundle for download. We believe this model will establishes a good relationship which sets the tone for long term business relationship.

We are sure you will be happy with our support and service. Contact us and see!