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  Need help in maintaining or hosting your website?

You’ve come to the right place. Finger Lakes Web and Media business model includes maintaining your site at the price you would expect to pay just for the server hosting charges. This is unheard of and our customers are very pleased with this model. 

Website hosting and Web application hosting is like the electricity in your house, you don’t really think about it until it stops working. Then it’s a major disruption. Similarly, if you can’t get a response from your web team in a timely manner, then even the most basic website updates can become very frustrating. It is an ongoing battle to protect and  fight against Spam and hackers. All websites today need a qualified Administrator that knows how to protect your website and what needs to be done if a site gets hacked or is used as a spam . Our main goal is to try to prevent this from happening but if it does you need someone that has experience in removing these modern day cyber threats. Our Website hosting package comes with these services which includes from inception:

  • Full WordPress install on website hosting account.
  • Spam protection plugins.
  • WordPress updates. We do all updates every 4 months (no charge)
  • Full offsite backups of all content. (no charge)
  • Offsite Database backup.  (no charge)
  • Plugin updates. (no charge)
  • Spam review.  We check to see if additional service is required.
  • email support.
  • WebSite support.

Finger Lakes Web and Media has partnered up with site5.  Their data center provides us with the latest technology servers for website hosting. We have been getting server space for our web hosting from this company since 2003.  They are a very stable data center with great bandwidth, support and  guaranteed 99.5 % up times. They have daily backups and with our offsite backups you are completely protected against loss of content.

Disclaimer:  Finger Lakes We and Media is very experienced at fighting against hackers and malicious malware threats and will implement preventive protection to try to make sure this does not occur to your web site but we need to add this disclaimer in case your site gets hacked and a way is found around all the extra protection that we have added to your web site.  The good news is we have the experience to recover and resolve these types of issues in a timely and cost effective manner. Our goal is to prevent this from happening to you.